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Inflammation of the pancreas. Extremely painful!!!, usually requiring an inpatient stay in hospital and morphine and other supportive treatment. Can be fatal if complications occur. Caused by excessive alcohol consumption or gallstones.
'I was in so much pain with pancreatitis I was put on a morphine pump.'
by Nick140 September 18, 2007
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Ex-glam rock star, framed by the British tabloids in Vietnam for alledged child abuse.
'Gary Glitter didn't do it, it's a conspiracy.'
by Nick140 June 22, 2006
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A term for the very enthusiastic support of the British tennis player Tim Henman. Henmania is seen mostly at Wimbledon, and is a phenonemon that grips the nation every June and July. Despite the fact that Tim Henman has never actually got past the semi finals, the bandwagon seems to roll on every year. However with his ever increasing age, and the emergence of Andy Murray, Henmania is rapidly declining, if not actually finished.
Henmania is gripping Britain, as Tim Henman makes the semi finals of Wimbledon.
by Nick140 June 29, 2006
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