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A verry peculiar person who has strange hobbies, also most hippolyths are veteran gamers with a fobia for hot asian girls, because they are generally misunderstood and will (in most cases) never get a girlfriend, therefore they are used to wank the hell out of themselfes and develop extrmelely strong biceps and wrists
"who's that wierdo?"

"i'll bet my balls thats a hippolyth"
by Nick eliaerts January 31, 2008
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Crazy tunesian character (negro) that tends to wear emo clothes and looks like an incredible nancy. Is very proud being of tunesian offspring even though he's not even born there, his real name is mark. Ramzis also have a fobia for pretty girls unabling them to score. other than that they like to ride camels with only 1 tit.
"Mark, keep it down!"

"i told you i was Ramzi fool!"
by Nick eliaerts February 04, 2008
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