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A person of both chinese and cambodian descent.
"That kid looks Japanese."
"No, he's Chibodian."
by Nick A. February 14, 2004

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An overly used comment that is posted on almost everyone who is a myspace whore's picture. This comment has been used so much that it is a cliche.

Anyone who posts this comment should rot in the fiery pits of hell.
some emo fag posted this comment under one of my pics. "I like this one".

They'll die for that...
by Nick A. March 19, 2005

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One of the absolute gayest and most annoying words to trek its way into everyday English language.

This word is most frequently used by Caucasian GodCore christian teens and/or church leaders who try to fit in with normal people in their age group who are much "cooler" than they are.

Users of this word often have atleast TWO of the following traits:
1. They tote tighty whiteys.
2. They tote modern version Bibles.
3. They attend church more than 3 times in a week.
4. They have a higher-than-usual pitched voice.
5. They hate it when you cuss around them.
Tommy: "Hi guys. Are you as stoked as I am for the wood carving contest?"
All: "Aye Aye Captain, were so totally stoked!

If I hear one more person say stoked, i swear I'll blow their fucking brains out!

I hate the God Squad because they are always bragging about how "stoked" they are.
by Nick A. December 29, 2004

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To aggressivley swing one's penis left and right in a rather abrupt manner with the intention of eventually making a man's Member a bit longer
Man A: DUDE!! your cock is huge! How do you do it man?

Man B: Easy, all I do is jelq after i get out of the shower
by Nick A. January 03, 2005

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