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Adj. It describes something that reminds you of an anthem, or is inspiring. Hence the term 'anthem' in anthematic. Anything poweful; defining; strong.
Wow, that song is so anthematic.

His words flow together in an anthematic rhythem.

What a powerful voice... it's soo... anthematic.
by Newyorkladii August 20, 2006
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KFC is a fast-food chain. Strangely, they are more popular in countries all over the world than America. In London, there are over 38 KFC's. Yet, Kentucky is mentioned. So they think that Kentucky is comprised of Fried Chicken. When the fact of the matter is, no one actually likes it in America.
Excuse me mate, want to hit up KFC's for some grub?

Why, I do believe dear, KFC's and tea shall be fine tonight.

Je voudrais KFC pour ma famille.

OMPA! KFC! Arreverderci.

KFC? That's one f**ed up motha f**cker.

Honestly, I hate KFC.
by Newyorkladii July 25, 2006
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