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First of all Darieners do NOT have more money than New Caanan or Greewnwich at all. In fact the houses in Darien have no land , houses in wealthier towns like Wilton or New Caanan houses sell for more(a lot more). So the only good thing about Darien is its lower cost of living compared to other fairfield county towns. And by the way everyone has nice summer homes in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, and the Hamptons around here! It's also wrong to say everyone in Darien is rich. Just look at the houses, they're 10 feet apart. Sure there are some big houses but not quite as many as the wealthier towns like Greenwich, Wilton, and New Caanan. Darien is also not as good at lax as they claim to be. Last year the Wilton girls team beat them in the FCIAC finals! And the blue wave should be prepared to get beat again because there are soo many amazing athletes in the incoming freshmen class. Darien is a poor attempt to copy the lavish lifestyles of towns like Westport, Wlton, and New Caanan. Also The Stepford Wives was filmed in New Caanan and based on New Caanan not Darien. I should know it was filmed in my neighborhood.
The Darieners decided to go on a shopping spree in Wilton and New Caanan, but went home crying because the prices were too high. Later in the day the went to their normal shopping destination; Target.
by New Caanan Rox!!! August 24, 2006

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