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1. An attempt to appease to a group of people for financial gain while still simultaneously portraying that group of people in a negative, or unfavourable light. Usually playing on racist stereotypical tropes, or keeping up with racist/bigotted media trends aimed at creating or sustaining a negative or unfavourable image of the targeted group of people.

2. Attacking a group of people's image under the guise of progressiveness.
Example of backhand pandering is placing black women in lead roles for movies to pander to them for money, yet this lead black female character adheres to negative racist stereotypes that portray black women in an unfavourable light.
by New age definitions December 25, 2019
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I woman who has dated or slept with several of her co-workers or her boss
Becky, the office Co-ho, sucked her way up the corporate ladder.
by New age definitions November 21, 2016
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A Culture Vulture is a practitioner of cultural appropriation. A Culture Vulture is an inauthentic individual who attempts to identify with aspects of another culture and claim it as their own. They do this by mimicking aspects of culture that belong to another group of people and not giving credit where credit is due, which creates the illusion that the aspect of culture they are mimicking is authentic to them. They also do this by claiming that certain aspects of another group of people's culture originated with them, with no historical proof to back their claims.
"If you were so proud of being white you'd take more pride in white culture, vs. being a culture Vulture and attempting to assume the cultural identity of others through mimicking them and signing your signature on other people's work."
by New age definitions November 20, 2016
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1. Racist Social Engineering is the racially charged abuse of media power to negatively shape biases against an entire group of people through repeated negative portrayals or tropes of that group of people.

2. Repeated negative or unfavorable portrayals aimed at distorting the image of an entire group of people

3. Propaganda aimed at shaping negative biases towards a group of people through consistent unfavorable portrayals
Several examples of racist social engineering, that also include sexual racism is the current systematic defeminization or masculinization of black women in media. The successful Systematic esmasculization of Asian men in media that negatively affects how Asian men navigate this society and dating world till this day. Black men were also targeted with emasculating propaganda aimed at downplaying the image of their masculinity. Racist social engineering can also negatively affect religious ethnic groups. An example of this Is that after 9/11, American media was bombarded with Anti-Muslim propaganda aimed at painting Muslim people as a menace to American society and as terrorists. You would commonly see muslims portrayed as terrorists inside of television shows and American movies, to instill fear and negative biases towards muslims in the subconscious minds of the masses. This type of propaganda negatively affects how the targeted group of people navigate the society, as negative biases are intentionally shaped against them.
by New age definitions December 25, 2019
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