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n / v1 - An orgasm achieved by pure boredom

n / v2 - Masturbating to nothing in particular, out of boredom

n / v3 - An orgasm achieved by listening to any song by Borgore, due to it's filthiness
1 - Holy christ... Why won't the f***ing history teacher just shut up?! I swear, I can feel a boregasm arising.

2 - So bored... I feel so worthless. I boregasmed like 3 times today, 'cause I had nothing better to do

3 - AF;AJF;LDSKFHHFJAFHJAKLFJA;907u79873j90 sorry, I was listening to Love by Borgore, and I boregasmed all over the keyboard. I had to clean the crap off my keyboard. Totally wasn't expecting that first drop.
by Netugi January 26, 2011

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n. Bacteriophilia: The sexual arousal to bacterial sexual intercourse, or other such erotic events.

n2. Bacteriophile: One who possesses traits similar to that of bacteriophilia; most commonly found in sick bastards with questionable fetishes.

adj. Bacteriophiliatic: Of or relating to bacteriophilia.


Just remember: Rule 34.

There's most likely bacteria porn on the internet now, if it hasn't been made already.
Guy 1: "Dude, check this shit out!"
Guy 2: "Whoa, shit! Where'd you find this shit?!"
Guy 1: "Don'cha know?! It's the new trend!"
Guy 2: "Bacteriophilia is SOOOO much hawter than blond girls with big boobs!"
Guy 1: "IKR?"
Guy 2: "Oh wow, look at this... Here comes the bacteriophage... Virualosity is SOOO not cool, man. Not cool"
Guy 1: "Yeah, let's gtfo before mom catches us"
by Netugi January 12, 2011

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