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A religion that Christians Jews and atheists (and other religions) won't understand it while they are watching TV ((And you should have someone is a really Muslim so u will understand their beliefs))
Damn bro those Muslims are Devils bro
The Bro: Did u watched Fox news or another channel like it??!
Aaah but they still terrorists :
by NedFarRÜH August 23, 2017
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He's the fifth Iraqi president after After the independence of Iraq and he was President of the Republic and Prime Minister in the same time he was dictator and the people was seeing him as a piece of Evilness but after the "liberty" of Iraq the sounds the Iraqi people miss him...
Someone hates Saddam: Saddam Hussein was a devil
Iraqi person: Yes but he made Iraq better than now.
by NedFarRÜH August 23, 2017
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