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Something someone made up by stealing my name and using it to make a stupid definition.
Will someone erase the definition NataservantBot because it's bullshit and I didn't make it up.
by Nataservant July 19, 2004
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A misspelling of thier actually band name see: dummy burger
People that think dummy burger is spelled Dimmu Borgir are dumb.
by Nataservant June 24, 2004
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For sure my nigga...
Should only be used by NOBODY.
Whitey 1:Are you going to shut the fuck up tonight?
Whitey 2: Fo' shizzle my nizzle

Blackey 1:Ya gonna B gettin wit dat ho dis night mah also ignorant N dupid nigga?
Blackey 2:Fo' shizzle mah... <abrupt stop because my sword just lobbed his head off>

Me: Please Suge kill yourself
Suge: aight foo I done already been trien to do dat fo ya see I is in da hood an I's dun no how ta do tings right, werd.
by Nataservant June 30, 2004
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Me, Myself and I and proud of it!
I am an American Pig and everyone else on this planet sucks!
by Nataservant July 09, 2004
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One of the biggest piece of shits out on the market. Attempted to look aerodynamic and sleek, the over abundance of curves make this vehicle look like a train wreck. With it's shitty looks and shitty engine this car is a -99999 on a scale of 1-10.
That guy must have brain damage if he thinks his Tiburon is remotely cool with that weed wacker muffler. What a dipshit.
by Nataservant June 24, 2004
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