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Mom I'd Like to FUCK
Man dawg your mom is such a MILF, hook me up!
by Nat_da_STAR March 02, 2007
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A guy that sleeps with anyone whenever or where ever. Kind of like a slut but in man terms. Guys sleep with all these girls to SUPPOSABLY look good but if the next girl that may come around knows that this man whore has been around, you think she go through with it? No, unless they have something in common which is the joy of sex with anyone.
Sleeping with alot of girls isn't a Pimp, but a Man Whore!!
Man Mike is such a man whore last night he was Sarah that nasty ass bitch now he with Candy. Now do I have to describe her? Now he going to Monique that is very conservitive that won't put out with just anyone.
by Nat_da_STAR February 23, 2007
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