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not to be confused with the term pothead, which is used to refer to someone who is positively incapable of functioning without pot and is in many cases very stingy with sharing their stash. stoners however are kind, gentle souls who have either been mellowed out by smoking pot on a regular basis or who started out that way. a true stoner will share his stash with pretty much anyone, anytime, just hit em up and they'll be happy to light up a bowl or a nice fat doobie.

pothead: needs their weed and doesnt much care what they have to do to get it, be it violence, stealing, or whatever level they have to stoop to. these people are the reason people who smoke weed have the social stigma that they get

stoner: definitely enjoys the pleasures of weed but doesn't really need it, but would much rather go through their day stoned than sober. stoners are generous with their weed and are willing to sacrifice their immediate high to let you get 'where you wanna be'. ive never seen a violent stoner in my life, the two just dont seem to go together.
uh...the word's stoner....lol what am i suppoed to put in this box...? gimme a break im writing this while im trashed
by Narwhal May 15, 2007
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a plastic or glass device, usually containing water, used to smoke the sacred herb. bongs will knock you off your ass faster than a doobie or pipe, somethin about em just hits harder and easier (the water cools the smoke so it's a lot less harsh on your throat)
there's an art to packing a bowl, I swear to god. pack it right and a bong will burn through the whole bowl with one light
by Narwhal May 15, 2007
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