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2 definitions by NURTON

The title for the person you can count on to show up late or not at all, for an event to which they have committed.
Our friend Cornflake is late again. Hopefully the "Flake" will at least make an appearance. His new nickname is corn flake.
by NURTON January 13, 2017
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Borange is simply a drink. Served in a pint glass to the most drunk person at a party it consists of half a pint of real ale 'B'eer and half a pint of 'ORANGE' juice.
Borange is famous for its ability to induce poetic tendencies into drinkers of the magical mixture. For example from June 2005:

Ode to Borange-Stuart Hall following William Wordsworth-For Katalie

I wandered drunken as a clown
That bloats on pies then feels pale and ill,
When all at once I saw a frown,
My host, and my 'Borange'-spills;
Beside the cake, beneath the peas,
That terrible drink that made me queeze(y)

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In hungover or in vomiting mood
It flashs on my pounding mind
Which is the piss of Boritude*
And then my toilet with Borange fills
And I wish I had eaten some Daffodils (instead)

Note: Boritude is not a word to the best of this author's knowledge...sorry
by NURTON September 4, 2005
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