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The crown of Virginia, NOVA is the only decent place in the state. It's money is stolen and given to the rejects--I mean the rest of Virginia. Although we attend the colleges scattered around the state, we quickly return when we finish because there is no other place with great job opportunities and high salaries. We do not stop, stare, and gaze when we see people that are not white. We are not southerners, nor would you find a confederate flag anywhere in the area, we actually take offense to being called southern. Luxury is a common site and most of the time a standard. We forced Virginia to vote blue in the elections :D We are the voice of Virginia. The only other great populations are either because its the capital of the state or because we needed a place to buy beach property in our state. Other than that everyone lives in NOVA. Its the best place with the greatest things to do. I would go down there and tell it to all you Southern Virginians but:

1.) I would get no cell phone signal

2.) GPS probably hasn't been invented there yet

3.) I don't have 4 wheel drive to take dirt roads

4.) I'm not white so I would get shot
Californian: Hey you're the new guy from Virginia?
Me: Oh no, not me, I'm from Northern Virginia
by NOVA703 April 05, 2010

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