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A female the name has been used only one time with this spelling on one living being that was a representative of love light and peace. The presence of Julierobin on the planet Earth was only because the Simmer clan of Cherokees willed it to be so.,. The Simmer Clan migrated to the southwest of the Mojave desert from the midwest United States around 1956 and still remain today.
Julierobin thank you for the joy and love and peace you inspire.
by NOTYOURLILSIS January 19, 2020
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A slang that was made up by desert dwellers to make the snow birds who crowded their spaces every winter feel stupid and irrelevant ,used as ok by many who are not desert dwellers , using okey dokey as just" ok "makes the person using it irrelevant as well.The word is a chop of the word "Oklahoma " a state in the U.S.A. (where Okeys live )and "donkey"what okeys ride. If someone takes you to "OKEY FLATS" they are taking you to a desert location where snowbirds coagulate all winter. These places are often KOA camp grounds .
We used to live in the desert but now we live where it is cold and must drive to the desert every winter can you please show us where to get some ice?

RESPONSE ---- try where you came from okey dokey.
by NOTYOURLILSIS January 19, 2020
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