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A nation which, along with being one of the few remaining superpowers of the world, is filled with all types of people. The USA is a multicultural nation consisting of a Caucasian majority, which will have changed to an Hispanic majority by the year 2050.

Unfortunately, most of the world (including many Americans) does not realize that, though we throw the word "democracy" around quite a bit, the US is a Republic, modeled after Rome. If you can’t tell the difference, look it up.
A few important facts about the United States of America:

1. We are not all stupid, nor are we ignorant or intolerant.

2. Yes, we have had bad leaders. So has every other nation on Earth. Unfortunately, the US is under a bigger spotlight politically than most of the world, and our mistakes seem bigger. Get over it.

3. America is as full of patriots as it is dissenters, and that is one of the things that make the country great. The ability to speak freely and without reason to fear the government is more than many nations can boast.

4. Yes, we speak a mockery of the English language. Don't fault us on how we speak, because every language came from another.

5. No, we don't hate Canada. As a matter of fact, Canada and the United States of America would be bestest friends if they were individual people.

6. We have the longest standing Constitution of any nation today, and we are proud that we have maintained a strong relation to our roots.

7. We are not all arrogant, racist, ignorant bastards, so please, stop using the Internet to call us so. Also, really, how many people who comment on our ignorance have met an American from the majority of the population? (No, COPS is not an accurate representation of the majority, and I suggest you stop watching the program, it rots your brain)
by NMoon November 26, 2009
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