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Phi Sig are a national fraternity that is founded on the basis of everyone being exactly the same. They have a large membership because they will hand out a bid to anyone and everyone. The prerequisite to being a Phi Sig is having a trust fund and low self esteem.

Things that are included in your "pledge package":
one backwards white Hurley hat
one gallon of hair gel
one pair of abercrombie vintage jeans
one hollister button up
one pair hollister sandals
one month LA Tan tanning package
one white lavalier

Phi Sig guiding motto: "Now be sure to look and talk exactly like everyone else"
Man, those guys all look exactly the same and they are all wearing Hollister shirts. Oh, their Phi Sigs.
by NIU student April 19, 2007
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Largest national fraternity. Based upon the three values: Using steroids, working out, and being douchebags. They are also commonly known as Sigma Phi Everyone because all you need to do to wear letters is to pay for them. They do not have a pledge program, they have you write a check, and you are in.
Man, that douchebag is roid raging out.

Yeah, he's in Sigma Phi Epsilong.
by NIU student April 19, 2007
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