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when a man goes to a girl, takes off whatever she's wearing, make her horny enough, then finally start sucking out her pussy/vagina/cunt/ whatever you call it
1.cody eats out his girlfriend everyday!
2. tyler eats out his brother everyday
3. i wish of eating out tara while getting busy.
by NEEK May 07, 2004

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A not very street white middle/upper class clot believing themselves to be stereotypically afro-caribbean. This includes wearing beanie hats, using hip hop slang, talking in an American drawl despite the stuffy Eton accent being more obvious, having a goatee, doing hip-hop hand signals and an perceived encyclopeadic knowledge of black street sounds. Breakdances and disavowes knowledge of past as a law student. Smokes much weed.
Quentin was seen to spin the wheels of steel with disregard to his reputation as a wigger.
by Neek September 24, 2003

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