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When your testicles slam into the area between the asshole and lower vaginal area and treat the taint as if its a building and the testicles are the wrecking balls.
Dude, last night i heard Terry pulled some Scrotum Terrorism when he completely ravaged and obliterated Monica's taint when he was blasting her doggy.
by natterdaysoldiers September 29, 2010
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A very powerful dump that is propelled out your anus at such great speeds it forces you to be ejected from the toilet causing you to grab the "safety" or "handicap rail" to prevent from shooting upwards at a significant speeds.
At work today Cindy dropped a huge guard rail grabber I heard her moan and sigh with relief as the safery rail prevented her from blasting through the ceiling and leaving the bathroom looking like a Resident Evil murder scene.
by NATTERDAYSOLDIERS December 09, 2010
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The unpondered act of an individual or individuals in an establishment inhaling, if you will, absurdly extensive amounts of alcohol for reasons that are undecided or unknown. Whilst peers and citizens engage in normal stereotypical Sunday and Monday night activities such as getting the dogs nuetered, grocery shopping, doing homework, walking the pets, or sharing a dull chuckle with friends and family, a supporter of getting Unreasonably Annihilated would unthinkingly drink excessive amounts of alcohol for the pure pleasure of none other reason than "Just to drink". These perpetrators drink to the point where they are no longer functioning members of society and are frowned upon due to their staggering appearance and slurred speech consequently causing citizens to question their morals and ethics.
Norman: What are you guys doing tomorrow, I had a rough weekend so I think i'm going to the mall with my grandma to buy toys for the charity I donate to.

Garrett: Dude thats so pussy who donates anymore, I know tomorrow is monday but we should get Unreasonably Annihilated.

Norman: There is literally no good reason to get shitfaced, but fuck it lets go take 35 shots at Red Lobster at ten in the morning and then go to the park so people stare at us awkwardly while we fall over and give nothing back to the community.
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