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A person who cant deal with the fact the anime beats American animation on all levels and thinks that Disney is the king of animation.
Here is an example of what a an american animation nutcase is like.

mick:hey kore what do you think is better anime or american animation

kore:I would have to say anime it has better animaton and way better story lines then American cartoons

mick:Oh so i guess that nothing can be better then anime and japan is the god of animation you know what kore why dont just go back to your house and watched dragon ballz you mother freaking anime fanboy!!!!!!!!!1

kore:Look all i said is that i that anime is better the American animation it is jus a fact mick dont take it so harsh.

mick;leave me alone you anime fanboy

and that me friend an example of an american animation nutcase.
by N.m August 13, 2007

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A Person that thinks that disney is the god of animation and hates to admit that anime is better then there so called god of animation.a disney fanboy is defined by one of the following

1.Whenever you say anime is better then american cartoons or disney the disney fanboy will respond by calleiing you an otkau or a wapanese.

2.They it make it seem that without disney there would be no anime,but in reality is complete and utter bullcrap because anime was soley made by the japanese.

3.they will always get mad when you insult any kind of american animation.

4.almost always complan about how compareing anime to disney is unfair.

there are more ways that you can spot a disney fanboy but then agian that would take a long time to type,but
You can find a disney fanboy on imdb.com

by N.m August 16, 2007

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