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An amazing, marvelous, stupendous, the best fucking gewngoiq3nrgin3gio3inog in the world! You wouldn't believe it!

Muha-dubz: Beats the rests by miles.
Sim-Dubz: Search Simone on www.urbandictionary.com
Lee-Dubz: Homosexual.
Oli-Noob: Original creator of the trunk monkey, does nothing significant. Underdog.

P.S. This is our new band! Spread the word.
guy1:Yo dude! You seen that N-slomz
guy2:yeah they're totally frickin' awesome
guy1:yeah dude
guy2:I need weed quickly
guy1:what you hyping about
guy2:It'sa coincidence
by N-Slomz May 12, 2009

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This is exactly the term to use when trying to describe how much of a G you are when you get discounts at whatever showroom you go to! Na Na Nai!
boon-ilo:Yoo beleev Yoo beleev Yoo a G cuz yoo went to da park wif ure frenz 'n' letta shot off into da sky

zbud-mis: I believe I'm a G because I can spell correctly. Na Na Nai!
by N-Slomz May 14, 2009

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