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A male slut.
For some reason that I can't understand, the more sex he gets the more pimpin' he is, but for a female it's about the opposite.
"Look, he's getting it from all the girls. A true pimp."
"Fuck that, there's no difference between him and that whore."
by N/A October 29, 2003

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adjective or noun:
GORDY: a derogatory description used to degrade a person, place, thing, and even ideas. However, it is most often unbeknownst to the recipient.
ie: Gordy bitch; Gordy bike; Gordy shoes...etc.
Anything that you think is shitty, just simply add "gordy".
You can also refer it as Gordified.
ie: This is a gordified garage.
hahaha....look at that fat, nasty ass gordy-bitch.
by n/a October 17, 2003

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what black peple dont like
the nigger doesent like mayonnaise
by n/a February 27, 2004

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One who moves their head forward and backward to the beat of music. Generally Metal or Death Metal. See bands Slipknot, Otep, Metallica. Also see the definition Craig
I saw this guy banging his head while driving down the road. I thought that crazy mofo was going to hit me!!
by N/A July 12, 2003

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A type of rocker; One who listens to hair/death/speed/thrash/heavy metal from the mid 80s to the mid 90s.
"those rockers are fags... crazy headbangers, are bigger pimps" -Brujeria
by N/A April 24, 2005

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A school with lonely, pathetic, troubled losers. The population majority in the school is Jewish, and they are all crazy, stupid, or brainwashed (See Definiton #3). Second comes the depressed nerdy poseur-goths who seem to fit in quite well. If your not Jewish, or a poseur-goth, this is NOT the school for you.
Dude...I have no life, I scare away the opposite sex, and I have no friends....I think I'll go to High Tech High.
by N/A April 17, 2005

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Someone who is not comfortable defining themselves as either male or female; an androgynous person; Usaully queer though not always.
Is that a boy or a girl?
Neither, it's a grif.
by N/A January 27, 2005

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