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The name (Mathijs) comes from a famous (business man) who became rich by being super cool during the 20th century. Mathijs Dikhoff was very popular and had many friends. How could you not like Mathijs!
The word Mathijs is used to describe cool people like Mathijs Dikhoff so actually the definition of cool came from him. Without him it would have never existed.
by Mysterious woman October 08, 2018
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A boy who belongs to nothing. He lives in the Netherlands, but can't speak Dutch. He is half Norwegian but doesn't look like someone from norway. Also his name is Frans (which means French), but obviously he is not French or doesn't have anything related to France. A Frans usually sucks at table tennis and hooks up with special type of girls (not going into detail).
G*dverdomme Frans
by Mysterious woman December 11, 2019
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A girl with curly hair who always says "Nee, nee, kap" if she doesn't like something. If you compare this to the sound that a sheep makes you can spot allot of similarities. Furthermore Meintje is also a term for girls that join a group they actually do not belong to like for example in her economics class at school. She than acts as she is a group member and everybody becomes confused as they think she is a group member but she is not. Obviously her own group doesn't like her.
by Mysterious woman December 11, 2019
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