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a pushover. named because bowling pins can tip or be "pushed" over very easily
her boyfriend cheated on her three times. she took him back each time after just an apology. god what a bowling pin she is.
by Myspace Joe November 29, 2007
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a code word for masturbation. one of many slangs for the word.
-did you dazs your haagen last night?

-yup i beat the meat

-you choked the chicken?

-i sure spanked that monkey

..etc, etc, etc
by Myspace Joe July 15, 2006
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stands for "cock out of place" Self explanatory, used when you need to make an "adjustment" in your pants
- dude, why are you scratching yourself so much?

- i cant help it man, i got the coop over here
by Myspace Joe April 23, 2006
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the time at the end of the school year, usually june, where you begin to lose all of your care for anything school-related
i got the june bug, causing me to turn in my social studies project half-assed and incomplete
by Myspace Joe June 03, 2006
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