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A Square Enix - Disney hybrid game. Sequel of Kingdom Hearts.

It was advertised a lot more than the first Kingdom Hearts, and as a result has gotten more attention, both good and bad.
Using characters and worlds from Disney, as well as completely original ones, and Final Fantasy character cameos, they've managed to create a pretty freaking awesome game.
A lot more linear than Final Fantasies, it can't hold up against them storyline-wise, however featuring an incredible Real-Time Battle system it really is a completely different kind of game.

However it is often bashed by so called 'hardcore gamers' for:
a) Having Disney in it at all.
b) Having a 'simple' storyline.
c) Being a 'button masher'.

In opposition to the above:
a) Walt Disney revolutionised fantasy and animation. The movies were all great and the people who make that argument are usually ignorant pre-teens who missed the Disney Era.
b) It is the generic Good vs. Overwhelming Evil, but then, most games are like that.
c) Real Time fighting. Get used to it. It's no more of a 'button masher' than great games like Radiata Stories and Star Ocean.

In conclusion, Square and Disney tried to make a new kind of game and succeeded. Not the best game out there, but very good all the same. If you buy it expecting another Final Fantasy you'll be disappointed, it really is a different type of game.

Oh and it's better than it's predecessor in pretty much every single possible way.
Why is Kingdom Hearts 2 better than Kingdom Hearts?

2 words: Drive Forms.
by Mydian April 30, 2007
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1) nu-metal is an aggressive and raw subculture of metal which generally fuses influences from grunge, hip-hop, alt-rock, and electronic sounds usually with thrash and groove metal.

2) A name used by intolerant and ignorant fucktards who feel the need to slap labels on music in order to descriminate against things they don't like. Usually done by metal n00bs, pretenders and tryhards.

3) A kind of metal with lots of variety, all bands in the genre suffering from the bad reputation of few of them.

Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit and Disturbed (as well as others) are often called so.

1) dude1: "Disturbed is pretty good, but some of their music is a bit strange."
dude2: "Yeah, Nu-Metal can be like that."

2) metalhead: "Man, I love Mudvayne, Pantera, Slipknot and Metallica."
cockfag: "lolzors. wtf wrong wit yo n00b? Slipknot iz totaly Nu-Metal. You r stoopid and ghey."

3) "Limp Bizkit is basically rap, but Slipknot is metal to the core."
by Mydian March 8, 2007
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