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Dumatril is a drug/pill for "insane" people. It is a drug to help with anxiety. Dumatril was addressed in the TV show 'The Office'.' Dumatril was used by Nellie and Dwight.
"Would you like to have a drink?"
"no thanks... I'm gonna just take another dumatril."
by MyExperience_MyOpinion August 11, 2018
Andreja is a girl who look for attention and compliments and tries to be "relatable" and call herself fat when she's actually skinny to fish for compliments. Andreja acts depressed so people will ask if she's okay,all the boys fish for her attention and she's full of yourself. She makes friends easily,especially with the "main"group in school,she also dates at a young age and is also sluttish. She can be nice but also very poor in the intelligence area.Most likely to have the best body like breasts,butt,legs,etc. and takes it for granted. She's also rude.
by MyExperience_MyOpinion November 12, 2017