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Splat was a game invented in Framingham, Massachusetts around the year 2000 played by several good friends who worked at a company in the above mentioned city. It was most frequently played when these friends became bored with working and wanted to have some unusual fun. It involved 1 person (the victim) who lost a quick game between the players, lining up against a wall, while the 'splattor' soaked a huge ball of paper towels in water and violently hurled the object as fast as it could be thrown. Sometimes, the object would miss the victims. On other occasions, the victim would be walloped in the face. As the wet towels hit the victim in the face, a large noise would be made, and that is SPLAT!!! Sometimes not all of the paper towel ball would fall off, but rather be dangling from the victims ear. The rules stipulated that the victim must remain motionless, stand up strait and accept his fate with honor. All involved in splat were taking a moderate level of risk as the game was always played in a professional office environment in which such behavior would be greatly frowned upon by the company owners. In recent times, there has been talk of resurrecting the game. As the game was always played by good friends who appreciated torturing eachother, it would be considered out of bounds to use boiling water, ink or any substance other than hot water with which to victimize the unfortunate party. (Note that none of the guilty parties were ever caught, despite hundreds of splat! games and a very small office location.
"Hey, Alex do you want to play splat?"
"Yeah...Let's make sure Sean gets victimized thoroughly!"

2 minutes later, SPLAT! .....
(Followed by raging laughter by the friends gaining a laugh at the sight of the splattered victim....
by Murray and Candy Man February 14, 2009
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