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Heroin capital of Michigan. Detroit beach, like surrounding woodland beach and all the other beaches near it are home to the largest heroin addiction within the Midwest.

Often times, the residents are also pedophiles which is apparent due to the local sex offender registry. The average person has ten kids with ten different people and at least twelve needles spread throughout the floor of their home at any given time.

The population consists of more drug addicts than people,including dogs and the drug addicted fish in the lake from all the needle disposals.

Also home to the largest party slut population in the county, even rivaling the likes of Newport.
Tim : Yeah I went out to Detroit beach, michigan the other day, was going to swim but there were needles scattered like land mines all up and down the sand

Bob : Oh what a shock, somebody would probably molest your kids too out that way
by MurderMitten May 11, 2016
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Heroin capitol of the state. Favorite past times include committing felonies, overdosing on drugs in McDonald's bathroom, and domestic violence against your fifth baby momma.

Nightlife consists of snorting xanax and fighting the cops, going to the dying Mall of Monroe for a few hours to poke fun at the rent a cops.

The dating pool consists of men who have either been to prison several times or are currently on felony probation for various reasons. and women who have five children by five different men by the age of 21.

The local cuisine consists of stale meat from the East end markets and Bud Light purchased by returning bottles and cans to the local Wal-Mart.

The attire of his lovely city often consists of an ankle monitor, pants sagging to your ankles and a pair of bootleg Chinese Air Jordan's you stole from your neighbor.

Monroe, come for the heroin, stay because you're now in jail and owe $10,000 in child support to some prostitute you slept with at a party one night!
Guy : Shiettt babygurl u my fine piece of ass and my bitch

Girl : Teeheehee oh baby you so bad get me pregnant and then beat my ass and go to prison while I raise the kids

Guy : Of course mah hoe, this is Monroe, Michigan after all.
by MurderMitten April 13, 2018
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When a sequel gets so much hype and publicity the majority of newcomers to the series are casual fans who know nothing of the past games/movies in the series.
So when is Skyrim 2 coming out?

Skyrim is actually part five in the series excluding the additional games. Take it you never heard of Oblivion either. Classic example of the Skyrim Effect.
by MurderMitten June 21, 2016
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