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Pronounced 'mun-tee'
Muntiee is an Australian Slang which is similar in meaning to the phrase amputee although, rather than being the suject of an amputation, the victim is the subject of a munting.

Definition 1: One who has been munted.
Definition 2: One who is simultaneously under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
Example 1:
Judge: You stand accused of 1 count of negligent driving, how do you plea?
Defendant: Guilt your honour, I was trying to light a durry when I t-bone a car in the round-about.
Judge: I take it the passenger is now a muntiee?
Defendant: Yes your honour, poor cunt could hardly stand...

Example 2:
Person 1: Holy shit, last night I saw a guy washing down MDMA with Bundy red.
Person 2: Fuck! Is he okay?
Person 1: nah mate, he had a seizure!
Person 2: Shit man, you've gotta stop hanging around that muntiee or you'll wind up in the gutter with you pants round your ankles...
by MuntedAussie March 19, 2015

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