3 definitions by Mtsul

A powder butt is a person who sits on his butt and his/her butt gets soggy and when it dries it feels powdery
He's/she's a powder-butt, hey look at that powder-butt, I'm such a powder-butt
by Mtsul May 29, 2010
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A person who is a powder-butt that is saying he/she's not a powder-butt that is powder-butting
I'm not a powder-butt, dude your powder-butting. Why are you powder-butting?
by Mtsul June 03, 2010
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Something or sombody that's is was or has been or will be cool, sad, bad, good.
That's all da way turnt up, this party is all da way turnt up, your dad is all da way turnt up, I had a dog that was all da way turnt up,
by Mtsul June 14, 2010
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