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The day after Thanksgiving when people who are dumber than shit wait in line for 3 hours at stores to save $5. These are the same fucking morons who think that all places except stores should close on this day, even though it is NOT a holiday.
It's Black Friday. Except for work, I'm not leaving the house. Can't stand idiots!
by MsAgro9876 July 03, 2006
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Butt ugly sandals with an irritating strap between the toes. Although they might be necessary at a water park, people are so fucking stupid that they wear them everywhere just because they think these things are in style. That's how fucking dumb people are! You can hear someone who is wearing them from a mile away because of the irritating noise these stupid things make. You can also see these fucking idiots tripping down stairs or picking their shoes off the floor when these things fall off.
I could hear that dumb bitch coming from a mile away since she's wearing those ugly flip-flops.
by MsAgro9876 July 02, 2006
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Ugly, stupid pants that are longer than shorts but don't cover the whole leg. Fucking idiots wear them because everybody else does.
If you want to wear shorts, wear shorts. If you want to wear pants, wear pants. But why wear those butt ugly capris? Just make up your fucking mind, you stupid bitch. Shorts OR pants!
by MsAgro9876 July 02, 2006
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