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a game played between 5 or more friends in which each participant begins with a drink and a third party discreetly roofies one glass. Blindly, each person selects a beverage and imbibes. Conversation and ambiance continue as usual until one unfortunate "winner" begins to feel the effect of the roofie and blacks out. Hilarious games and pranks can be played, but the winner must be put into bed... eventually. Optional: Leave the door open and alert all additional friends (of the opposite sex) of the situation. In the end, any and everyone has a good night!
Friend: "Hey what happened to me last night? I swore I only had one drink and then I blacked out. And yet, I feel strangely satisfied..."
Other friend: "Looks like you were the lucky winner of roofie roulette!"
by Ms. Hosy McLiverdamage December 16, 2007

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