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#1 when u wear ur dirty drawers inside out.

#2 when one wears his/her clothes inside out.

#3 when u put ur clothes on inside out because u spilled sumthing on them or puked on ur self.

#4 when u jizz on ur shirt.

#5 when u got sombodys jizz on ur clothes(jeans,t-shirt ect.)

#6 it can also mean u put u clothes on backwards
"damn that bitch got her shit on rouncherd outters!"

"oh,snap!was u drunk when u got dressed? cus u got ur pants on rouncherd outers"

"oh my god becky look at her shirt!! rouncherd outers!!"
by MrsD.Raper January 25, 2010
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a awesome song redone by various artists.the one most commonly known is by The king/Elvis Presley

1)a girl that e-signs her name Christina D.

2)A beautiful tatted up girl thats about 24 or looks it

3)a female thats totally street smart and still acts like a lady

3)a very hot milf w/3 differnt baby-daddys

4)a bbw that still dress like shes got it goin on no matter wut ppl think

5)a chick thats into rock and hip hop with a punky edge about her
"omg.be-bop-a-lulja,comin you way!"

"did u see eddie's sister shes a be-bop-a-lulja"

"i was checkin out some tats and i was shocked the artist was a be-bop-a-lulja!"

"i was talkin to this hot guy and i heard one of his friendds call me a bop-a-lulja,is that a good thing?"

"this girl used call bookie's phone an say her name be-bop-a-lulja...like wutever!!"
by MrsD.Raper February 10, 2010
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