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When everything has gone wrong, or tits up as it were. nothing seems to be going right, and you just can see a way out.
Just look at the state of the stock market... its all gone spoggly. Or, I was running late for work today, tripped over cat, spilt coffee missed the bus, and left my keys at home, today has just gone all spoggly.
by Mrs Spoggly October 15, 2008

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The expression you make when someone pisses you off on online chat.

Chatting on messenger to my buddy, when he says something that really annoyed me, therefore WC, the saying of "WHATEVER" and then slamming your laptop lid down, hence the click, or click to close the Instant Message. - WC - Whatever Click

Fred: You are a jerk
Bob: You are so Rude! W C!
Instant messenger goes off!

by Mrs Spoggly April 06, 2009

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