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Abbreviation - Sarcasm Intended

Sarcasm is very hard to get across when using the internet, so typing SARC-INT will make sure people get your hint from the get-go, and saves you precious time explaining that you were actually being sarcastic
Without SARC-INT:

Person 1 - "I love that hat ur wearing in ur prof pic."
Person 2 - "Really?"
Person 1 - "I was being Sarcastic."
Person 2 - "Ahh right, yeah lol I was forced to wear it."

Person 1 - "I love that hat ur wearing in ur prof pic. (SARC-INT)
Person 2 - "Yeah tell me about it lol."
by MrTaffyMann May 16, 2010
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A purchasable perks-a-cola on the current Nazi Zombies Veruckt map and upcoming Shi No Numa map for Call of Duty: World at War, which, when consumed, gives the user the almighty power of the perk, Juggernaught. Normally, this would be frowned upon by fellow players, but, because it is nazi zombies mode, it is considered necessary to survive the continuous onslaught of zombies for a long period of time.

NB: All perks are lost as soon as the player is downed
Nazi Zombies: "Grrrroooaaan" *Swing arms wildly and hit player*

NZ player: "Haha zombies, try again, I've drunk JUGGERNOG!!! WOO!!" *Proceeds to blow heads off*
by MrTaffyMann June 01, 2009
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