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the act of actively strumming the side of one's leg while listening to a rocking tune; may also be combined with "air chording" to gain the full effect of simulation. A more controlled and subtle form of air guitar.
Bennie was totally rockin' some guitar leg while jammin' to Van Halen in his car. He better keep both hands on the wheel.
by MrPurplecanada December 21, 2009

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When playing a kicking sport such as football, kickball, or soccer when you kick and your shoe flies off with or without the ball, sometimes going farther than the ball itself.
1."Dude, the other day, I was playing kickball with my friend, but when he tried to hit it, he totally pulled a shoe kick. His shoe went like, 60 feet!"

2." I was kickin' my dog the other day, when I pulled a shoe kick, and my dog caught it in his freakin' mouth!!! How tight is that?"
by MrPurplecanada January 19, 2010

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