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What the kid left on the floor between the door and the bed. And when he's crying at 4 a.m, and you come in a hurry, barefooted, to comfort him, what you step into. Aka toyfield, same thing, but a milder variant.
I walked in to the kid's legofield last night. My feet almost didn't make it, It was horrible!
by MrFordrod May 8, 2013
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To NOT buy a new piece or pieces of furniture, but rather repair or refurbish old ones. (Antikustom) is the kind of consumerism that first tries to see the potential in the old, before reaching for new products.
«Man, that new IKEA chair sure looks good, but I’m sure U can antikustom something from this old chair that would look better»

«I’m trying to lessen the burden on the planets’ natural resources by antikustoming as much as I can»

«I haven’t bought a new dress, I antikustomed an old from Fretex»
by MrFordrod May 30, 2019
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The king didn't abdicate when he got old, he decided he'd pope out.
by MrFordrod May 8, 2013
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