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Where a male takes his penis and inserts it either into the anus (preferred) or the vagina and lays on top of the woman and spins in a 360degree angle and continues the cycle to produce an orgasim.
Oh shit! Adam's performing the helicopter jones on her!!! haha...
by Mr. sex February 26, 2005

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Oral stimulation of the vagina.
"Oh, give me some Cunninlingus, Bob! Come on! Harder! Faster! OOOOooooohhhh"
by Mr. Sex March 15, 2005

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when the girl cries so hard that her arm pits start to turn red and blood starts to run from her nose then you grab her and stick her blood nose under your arm pits then bash her nose to stop the bleeding.
Oh fuck yeah its ur turn to get the fucking Pitt
by Mr. sex September 30, 2004

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