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Morphsuits are bodysuits that completely cover the wearer from head to toe in spandex/Lycra. Morphsuits are the brand name for the general term "zentai" or "zentai suit" similar to how some people call vacuum cleaners "Hoovers."

Morphsuits are typically used for going out and having fun around town, with friends, or just about anywhere else, but with the fact that unless your hood is down, no one knows your identity.

A Morphsuit is made up of a single piece of stretchy spandex/Lycra with arm, leg, and head cavities to place said parts in. There is a double zip going the top of your head on the back of the suit for easy access in and out of the suit. The word "Morphsuits" is branded on the butt of the suit. You can breathe, see, and drink through these suits.

Morphsuits are usually seen at sporting events, parties, and even your local market in some cases! However, the most common time of the year where you can see them walking about is on Halloween.

Morphsuit fans that go out in their suits on a fairly good schedule or fans in general who really enjoy the suits usually refer to themselves as "Morphs" and the act of zipping up and going out in their suits as "morphing."

Morphsuits have recently gained popularity as of Halloween 2011 in the US due to Party City picking up the suits and making them available on shelves to everyone without the need to order online.
Person A: Hey B, did you see the guy breakdancing in an orange Morphsuit over there!?
Person B: What are Morphsuits?
Person A: A Morphsuit is basicall- well, just take a look yourself!

Person C: Hey D, what are you gonna do over the vacation?
Person D: I'm gonna go morphing at the mall to see how much attention I can get by doing weird shit in my green Morphsuit!
Person C: That sounds like fun! Do you think I can join in?
Person D: Of course! I have a red Morphsuit that you can borrow. Let's crash a party later on!
Person C: Can't wait! Is it ok if I invite E along to record us at the mall?
Person D: Hell yeah! We can put it up on Youtube later!
by Mr. Magnet January 14, 2012

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