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Named for Seattle basketball's Ray Allen's Long shot accuracy, the Dirty Ray Allen is performed during anal sex, the male will at the point of orgasm withdraw, grab the hair of the receiver and shoot his ejaculate from long distance into the waiting mouth of the recipient followed by placing his penis immediately in their mouth making him the 'Baller of the Week'.*
*An authentic Dirty Ray Allen is done while dressed in a SuperSonics jersey.
"Yo dawg, I skied from 3 point land and Dirty Ray Allen'd that bitch!"
by Mr. Honest July 31, 2006
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Synonym for the taste of the anus. The coppery taste of an asshole tastes like a dirty penny.
"Last night, I totally licked her dirtypenny!"
by Mr. Honest August 01, 2006
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To hang out with or spend time with someone.
"Hey, gimme a call and we'll do the hang."
by Mr. Honest September 01, 2006
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A lava-like broth made for dumb Icelanders.
'Ow bout a cup of dimmu borgir?
by Mr. Honest August 07, 2006
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