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1) An Internet search engine known for inadvertently, and often with great comic effect, associating results with mismatched photographs.

2) Generic name for a company that is able to get a great deal of press coverage, but unable to deliver any good products or service. Similar to the term paper tiger but with hype instead of ferocity.

3) Generic term for a company that seems to encourage lawsuits due to poor or naive business practices. In this case, referencing the fact that the term's origin was an Internet company -- a search engine placed an image next to every search result -- often associating a company's copyrighted image with a competitor's website.

Notes: The term is pronounced kooo-ul or simply cool, but often is accompanied with a slight, swift, twirling finger point. The finger point is a subtle reference to the fact that the original etymology stems from a .com website with a similar name.
Mike: That new seafood restaurant totally pulled a cuil (accentuated with a circular wave of and pointing of his finger).

Steve: You mean like seeming like it was going to be good but actually sucking?

Mike: Well yes, it looked like it was going to be great, but inside it was totally weird. Black walls, blacklight lighting, and an overall bizarre color scheme. No, but the main thing is that they forgot to add a bathroom and instead just have a bucket in the corner of the dining room.

Steve: A bucket?

Mike: Yes, an actual bucket. Oh, and a roll of toilet paper sitting on the floor next to it. It was gross and strangely compelling to see a hairy, 215 lbs woman laying cable as I ate my Parrot Bay Jumbo Coconut Shrimp. She was really pushing hard too. Amazing balance though.

Steve: They are idiots. That is so gross and awesome. Overhyped and a lawsuit magnet. Double cuil! PS- Did you get that chick's number?
by Mr. Cuil August 19, 2008
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