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Hello, if you are Democratic or a liberal please take some time to read this to hopefully gain some knowledge, and if you dont agree with me then that is completely fine. I would just like to share my thoughts and please dont think that this is all, there is much more that i haven't said in this message. CNN is MOSTLY (there is still some truth in some things they say) Fake News made to "brain wash" people and the sad things is that these people believe it like a baby and a milk bottle, they just feed them unending fake news. Many people believe CNN because CNN makes everything so dramatic and they use logic not facts (Example: there is no evidence that masks help with corona, it is just logical) so when you think about their ideas they will most likely work but when you actually use it, it fails (Example: California was run by democrats and liberals and now California is "ruined" and people are moving out and yet they blame it on republicand and conservatives even though when you actually look at what happened with a RELIABLE news source the republicans were not to blame. Thank you for reading this and please dont be angry if this is not what you believe, im again, JUST SHARING MY THOUGHTS.
CNN ... ( I already explained everything)
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