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A hockey bro is someone who lives, breathes, and eats hockey. Their life consists of checking NHL.com incessantly and watching hockey highlights. When they're not on NHL.com they are either playing EA sports NHL 11, getting belligerently drunk, smoking a massive quantity of weed, or chewing massive quantities of tobacco. A hockey bro relates closely to the lax bro and are often cordial with each other.

Words often used by a hockey bro are dangle, twig, snipe, bar down, biscuit, mint ice, D1 scholly, flow.
A hockey bro often wears high top sneaks with jeans or hockey sweatpants, a hockey sweatshirt of their favorite college or pro team with a flat brim hat and leather chopper gloves.
I saw this group of hockey bros walking down the street, they were talking about how they were going to play NHL 11 and get drunk all night.
by Mr. Mix a Lot December 15, 2010

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