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After giving an anal creampie, the male then licks clean all of the semen from his partners anus.

This is often compared to licking the cream filling from an open-faced Oreo
"So, how was your date last night?"

"Pretty good. I gave her a Frosty Oreo."


"She loved it. I think that she wants to marry me, now..."
by Mr. Fantastic (CTK) September 20, 2009

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A medical condition resulting in calling 911 or being seen in the emergency room for no legitimate reason. Commonly linked to Incarceritis or a Stainless steel allergy in the presence of a police officer.
Why did she go to the ER again?
-Oh, her Lilbitchitis was flaring up today...
by Mr. Fantastic (CTK) May 28, 2018

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