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When somebody say's something you didnt catch, hear, understand or are disgusted with and would like them to repeat it so you can smack them the hell up!.

Or what one would say after watching the music video for Radiohead's 'Just'.
Say what?
You really need to watch the radiohead video for 'Just', thats a proper Saywhat?
by Mr Jaffa Cake March 05, 2009

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1. A drink made with wine and carbonated water and, usually consumed by females.

2. A word used to describe the act of shooting your load over females faces more generally known as a Facial.
1a. 'Pour me a tall drink of wine and soda please kind sir'?

1b. 'Certainly young lady'.

2a. 'Yeah, give me your love potion baby, all over my face'.

2b. 'Here it comes...SPRITZERRRRRR'

(Phrase must be yelled at the moment of facial decoration for maxium effect.)
by Mr Jaffa Cake March 06, 2009

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A Polly is a abbr. of a Polly Pocket. She is so small and cute you can fit her into your pocket and take her with you where ever you go.

A Polly has a real name and its normally 'Carrie'.

Carrie has the most beautiful soul i've ever known and i love her.
First guy -'This girl was so cute and little'
Second guy -'Ahhh i see, sounds like a Polly to me.

First guy - Does she fit inside your pocket?.
Second guy - Yeah, she is my little Polly Pocket.
by Mr Jaffa Cake March 05, 2009

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