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Ass Acid
I like to spew assid at my friends
by Mozzi August 17, 2013

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1. When someone's finger slips on a keyboard when trying to write "neighbor"

2. A neighbor of bro worthy status.
1. Mozzi was typing too fast and accidentally wrote "Hi there neighbro"


Bro 1: Yo yo what's up neighBRO?

Bro 2: Not much neighBRO what's up with you?

Bro 1: Hah not much neighBRO i was just on my way to the store to buy BROtein

Bro 2: Aw sick BRO, you're such a BROle model!

Bro 1: I do what I can BROciety, you get what i'm saying?

Bro 2: Gnarly BRO! BROceed to the store
by Mozzi March 04, 2014

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Smoking weed while your family is asleep
My sister is taming the skunk. I can smell it from across the hallway
by Mozzi August 07, 2015

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