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"Speaking in questions" is the annoying habit, in spoken English, where one (typically a woman) inflects (raises) her voice at the end of a sentence, as if she were asking a question.

It generally means that she is not sure about what she is saying.
Terri: I find it hard to believe that you find my speaking habits annoying?

Jim: Yes, I do.

Terri: I have doubts about the future of our relationship? It is as if you don't care?

Jim: Duh. Maybe you should stop speaking in questions.
by Mott_the_Hoople February 07, 2011
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Using a spam filter as an explanation for ignoring someone.
Jim: My mother-in-law emailed me a invitation for dinner, so I just ignored it.
Larry: That's gonna make her mad, ignoring her like that.
Jim: I'll just say that my spam filter thought her email was spam, and it got trashed.
Larry: That is a helluva exspamation.
by Mott_the_Hoople May 19, 2011
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