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Shniznitz (sh-niz-nitz);

1. Used as an exclamation of utter disapointment or mild agrivation.

2. A term of extrodinary excitment/happiness. Replacement for such words as 'awesome' & 'sexual excitment' or sometimes even 'fucking sweet'
1:"Shniznitz!"(whilst hitting hand with hammer or maybe seeing that guy you hate walk into that party u organized so well and took extra special care not to invite him too.)

2:"Going to Bogwash national nature reserve, home of the very last 5 rare and nearly extinct flangurams will be the shniznitz!"
"Man, that chick is the shniznitz. I'd like to get my shniz on with her!"
man a"dude I just won the lottery!"
man b"shniznitz!"
by Motley February 14, 2006
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to hella like something or someone
damn she is hella jockin him
by motley April 17, 2003
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What kinda jazz is that
by motley April 17, 2003
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