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A person who practices whichcraft but is not open about it or very secretive. Similar to a homosexual not being open about their sexual orientation.
Person 1- "She always chants words under her breath and wears a pentagram necklace, is she into witchcraft or something?"

- Person 2 " People have been asking her about it but shes been denying it so far. I think shes in the broom closet!"
by Mork_ulv March 27, 2017
A virgin nose is a nose that hasn’t ever been broken which can be seen as a lack of experience in fighting, especially in combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc.
“Yo imma nock yo ass out tomorrow night!” -Boxer 1
“You fucking kidding me? You little virgin nose motherfucker! I will put you away!”

- Boxer 2
by Mork_ulv February 19, 2019