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1993. The 'Golden Era' of Hip Hop revolves around this year. Before 2000 it was common for rappers to reference the current year on an album, and many of the important albums from this year cite the 'Nine Tre'.
"I don't wanna say Nine-Tre cause my man Extra P said don't say the years... So, it's for eternity, know what I'm sayin?" --Q-Tip, 'The Chase pt. II' from Midnight Marauders
by Morgan Patrick April 13, 2005

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Upset, embarrassed or indignant as a result of humiliation or wrong-doing by another person. Salty was most often heard in Chicago up to about the mid-nineties.
I completely forgot about our plans and she was waiting around for like an hour; now's she's all salty.
by Morgan Patrick April 13, 2005

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Short for Akbar. Akbar means 'great' as in "Allah ackbar" (God is great) but also refers to King Akbar of India, 'Akbar the Great'. Also, and in this case, an akbar is a great man and the shortened form, ock, was adopted into the Hip Hop lexicon from the Five Percent Nation (see five percenter, an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. Calling someone ock means they're a good guy, a friend (also see god).
"Got a cutter for the box if a kid think he's ock" -- Q-tip, 'God Lives Through'

"Come on now, Ock, What you expect? Got a month's paycheck danglin' off your neck" -- Mos Def, 'Got'
by Morgan Patrick April 13, 2005

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To dance. Short for 'footwork', twerking was originally a specific form of dancing popular in Chicago. Twerking was based on the uprock steps in breakdancing, but much faster and without any other accompanying breakdance moves.
She was twerkin' on the dancefloor.
by Morgan Patrick April 17, 2005

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