2 definitions by Moonbat McWingnut

Transforming a horror monster, science fiction alien, or mythical creature, into something more suitable for a four year old girl's backpack, or a teenage girl's romantic aspirations.
The Twilight series is just another example of the continued cutesification of the Vampire.

Look at that damn Cthulhu plushie. The cutesification continues, gods damn it.

What the frak is this Monster High bullshit? The cutesification of every bloody thing?!
by Moonbat McWingnut October 6, 2013
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A word for anyone who looks at a horrific event and sees a government conspiracy.
Bobo said that Franklin Roosevelt orchestrated the Japanese attack in order to swing public opinion towards going to war with the Germans. He must be a Pearl Harbor truther.
by Moonbat McWingnut January 16, 2013
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